About Us

About us

VIA FERRATA in SVERI is the first-ever Via Ferrata project in the Georgian and Caucasus region. This project was started in October 2020 and finished in April 2021. The authors of the project are experienced adventurers Guga Dabrundashvili, Mamuka Dalakishvili, and Levon Gogoladze. The technical team managed by Guga finished this project in 6 months. Via Ferrata in Sveri offers a unique experience to active and extreme adventurers and is perfect for solo, family, as well as corporate visitors.

Who we are


Guga is the best Georgian climber of the new era. Rock climbing and bolting have been his immense passion for more than 20 years. He has actively engaged in the professional sport of climbing and achieved significant results at domestic as well as international levels. Later, he gradually integrated his climbing skills into urban alpinism and tourism. He has opened hundreds of routes in the climbing paradise of Chiatura, Kazbegi, and other touristic areas around Georgia. As a guide, Guga has provided services to adventurers from all over the world.

Mamuka is a very active adventurer having years of experience climbing and hiking in Georgia as well as Spain while he was living there for many years. Currently, Mamuka lives in Georgia and is very actively engaged in the development of Imereti as a tourism destination, namely the Chiatura region.

Levan has been an amateur rock climber for 20 years or so with some pauses in between. After completing his studies in the US, he spent his next years practicing in the real sector as a senior executive in various areas, finally ending up as a management consultant. His passion as an adventurer and lover of nature is a driving force behind his decision to transfer his entrepreneurial experience into a successful startup in Adventure Tourism.